Social Justice Flows from The Gospel

Consider the ethos of the Greco-Roman world in which Christianity arrived; where violence, rape and subjugation was not only normal, but praised. The promotion of love, compassion and mercy as virtues is distinctly Christian along with the basic notion of inherent human rights. It is because of Christ that we have developed these ethics for all men.

The elitist, the learned and the privileged who extol social justice while sapping the soul, who practice deceit and murder while calling for others to be virtuous by being tolerant, who might even exalt the name of God from the left side of their mouth while blaspheming at the right… these stand at the height of hypocrisy and abuse while appointing themselves god and judge of men.

As for those who are held in high esteem–whatever they are makes no difference to me; God does not show favoritism-The gospel of Christ, which is the gospel of grace, also calls all men to bow the knee to the Living God and, therefore, love each other at the same time; to cry out that all that is good is all of God, and none of me.

The gospel is the great equalizer, because in God’s book- all men are equal in sin, shame, and deserving of death. Thus, there is none other greater thing that exists for the plight of mankind than for God to rescue him from slavery to that sin through the grace that has no bounds but that which God has chosen in himself. There is no other way for social justice than that which is The Way, which is Christ in me. And there is no other way unto salvation than through the life, death, and resurrection of the living Christ, Jesus our Lord. You want to see change? Love the gospel in and out of season and see Christ change you and me.


Christ is Risen!